The Customer Experience is Everything

“Without strategy, execution is aimless. Without execution, strategy is useless.”

— Morris Chang


Transforming teams and culture

At Dragonfly we have witnessed how operations policies, culture, and team directly impact profitability. We offer comprehensive operations analysis, trainings, and best practices to optimize operations to be focused on positive customer experiences that lead to increased revenues. 

We’ve helped transform challenging teams into top revenue producers. We see the guest experience as central to profitability with positive reviews and repeat customers. 


Operations Services

Operations Audit

Contact Center Audit

Guest Experience Audit & Optimization

Developing Guest Loyalty/Recognition Programs

Process Re-engineering

SWOT Analysis

P&L Review and Optimization

Cost Control Audits


Improving Guest Experience

If guest experience is not central to a hotel’s strategy, you risk alienating customers and receiving bad reviews. Improving your offerings, updating services, and integrating technology can all help with evolving guest expectations. We will recommend improvements that can increase the perceived value of your property.

We see the guest experience as a holistic process that integrates with revenue management and marketing and sales. Every touchpoint of your guest is an opportunity to deliver an exceptional seamless experience. This can include:

  • Online Presence

  • Website

  • Booking Engine

  • Social Media

  • Email Marketing

  • Contact Center

  • Sales Team

  • Front-line Team

  • Amenities

  • Property Management System 

  • Guest Reviews and Responses

We recommend best practices for optimizing guest experience that can result in increased revenue. We’ve witnessed how negative and positive online reviews have a direct impact on revenue. We can help you develop a culture of service focused on delivering the best guest experience possible. We also offer trainings and programs for increasing your positive customer reviews that can result in increased bookings.

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